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5 Easy Steps To Up Your Insta-Game

November 03, 2017

When it comes to Instagram there are more exceptions than rules, but sometimes you have to be a stickler for the rules. In a few of these cases, you'd better make sure that you're not going against the grain! Let's go!


1. Use popular, but relevant and concise hashtags - We get it, you want to tag those wonderful duckface selfies with everything imaginable, but in this case less is TRULY more! Instead of spamming every hashtag that you could possibly think of, try toning it down and thinking about what you're trying to convey to your audience. Are you trying to showcase your new lipstick color? Instead of using #lipstick, which has over 20,000,000 posts, you can shoot for #lipstickaddict which only has 500,000 posts.

Using smaller and more precise hashtags gives you the added benefit of potentially showing up on their explore pages a bit easier. #lipstick addict would require barely 1,000 likes or video views where as #lipstick would require several thousand by comparison. That's not to say using large hashtags is a no go, not by a long shot. Just be sure to incorporate them after you've done the heavy lifting with smaller ones.


2. Take better pictures - Easier said than done in some cases, but we can tell you firsthand that it's extremely important to craft quality content. Now before you close this browser tab and navigate to Amazon for a DSLR camera, hear us out. You do NOT need a fancy camera or thousands of dollars worth of glass (those are lenses to us common folk) , you just have to have to have an idea of the story you want to tell. Smartphone cameras have gotten good enough that you can get a decent snap in just about any condition.

For example, let say you're into creating custom jewelry. Sure you could lay your works of art out on a bland sheet of white paper, take a picture, and toss a filter on it for mood. Or you could have a friend model them or better yet, you can do so yourself. Find the right lighting, go outside and find the perfect location, or get even more creative. This is your personal brand and you want to do it justice in every possible way. 

Even if you're not building a business or looking to become an influencer, taking pictures that don't involve pouty lips or holding an adult beverage will go a long way in making your profile standout to your followers!


3. Don't be afraid to approach influencer accounts for shoutouts - One of the EASIEST and QUICKEST ways to drive up your engagement is to reach out to larger accounts for a shoutout. They can do for your account in minutes what would take you months of trial and error to accomplish, if you even accomplished it at all! Now mind you, most of these large accounts are extremely busy crafting their content and fielding dozens and dozens of DM's per day, but don't lose hope. We aren't advocating that you spam them repeatedly, but make your message to them stand out. If they're selling a product, offer to review it for them. If you have a unique skill use it to help them out in some fashion.

Influencer accounts can be powerful, more powerful than they realize, but at the end of the day there's still a human at the other end and you can appeal to that person. Still, you don't want to go to them begging for a handout with nothing to offer in return; bad personal skills are bad for business. 


4. Post to the right people at the right time - Now we KNOW all of those "experts" out there will claim that you have to follow a set pattern to maximize engagement. While some of that is true, a lot of it is conjecture. You should be posting based on YOUR audience. Are most of your posts getting more engagement in the evening because your following are working age adults? Then you need to focus the bulk of your content after typical work hours. Find what works for you and you stick with it. That's how you'll drive engagement no matter what your niche. Now there are exceptions to this rule and you will also need to be mindful of time zone differences if you're living say in New York, but driving engagement in LA.


5. Be yourself - NEVER forget that the reason your audience follows you, well, is because you're YOU. Be authentic, engage with your followers, reply to their comments. If you're selling products, have them review a couple and tag you in their post. You'd be surprised at how quickly your page will grow when your audience is truly interested in what you're posting. The more that your following gets to know you or your brand, the easier it will be branch out and become more visible. Even if you're not looking to be Insta-Famous, it's always good practice to engage with people that you might not readily know. 


So there you have it, just a few tips that are sure to help you out in your Instagram journey. If you stick to the these you're sure to grow your following. By the off chance you're still having trouble and want to continue going at it on your own, here's a few things that may be able to help you out even more. 


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